Forest Stewardship Council / Chain of Custody certification

A wood product bearing the

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label has a well-known history. In

order to earn that label, its source wood must have been sustainably

harvested and then tracked throughout its “life cycle” - all

the way to its final destination on (or within) your walls.
The FSC was born out of the

1992 Earth Summit in Rio. Loggers, foresters, environmentalists and

sociologists who met at that summit were upset with government indecision

on the matter of sustainable forestry. They formed the FSC to help monitor

and label products that were indeed ethically produced. FSC standards

span economic, social and environmental concerns. Hopeful manufacturers

must qualify for what is called the Chain of Custody certification.

Chain of Custody (CoC) tracks

materials throughout their production process from forest to front door.

Only FSC-CoC products are granted the privilege of hosting FSC trademarks.

Businesses can become CoC-certified, after which they offer a point

of pride and ethics for the business and assure their customers that

the company’s claims of sustainability are, in fact, true. Below, we

provide information on FSC and CoC-certified products to help you make

your own informed decisions with full social and environmental responsibility.