LEED Platinum, Gold or Certified

LEED-certified buildings are

not necessarily alike. There are, in fact, four different levels of

certification available to prospective green builders, each based on

the number of LEED credits earned for a specific building. Points are

earned in one or more of six

LEED-Certified is the

minimum award for recognized green homes. According to the latest version


for Homes, a home

must score between 45 and 59 points out of 136 to become certified.

LEED Silver requires a minimum of 60 points; for Gold, it’s

75; and then Platinum - the highest award offered - requires

a minimum of 90 points. As an added bonus, LEED Platinum-rated buildings

have all certification fees refunded. This relatively simple system

and the profound popularity for LEED-certified builders mean that LEED

structures are multiplying fast. Below is a comprehensive list of current

LEED for Homes award winners.