The U.S. Green Building

Council’s LEED credentialing system has been revolving in an effort to keep current

with trends and technologies in the green building arena. With the testing for

LEED professionals becoming more rigorous and specialized, you can be assured a

more educated and aware professional will be there throughout the building

New LEED exams were put in

place June 12; there are more of them now, geared to specify the building

professional’s direction of specialization as well as the extensiveness of

their skill set. The LEED AP Homes designation is one that lets you know the

expert is uniquely qualified in the design and construction of high-performance

green homes that use less energy, water, and natural resources; create less

waste; and are more healthful and comfortable.
Under the new LEED exam

system, not only do candidates have to pass the Homes exam, they will be

required to first pass the LEED AP testing process to become a qualified “accredited

professional,” proving general knowledge of green building. Additionally, in

order to be considered for the exams, building professionals must have

documentation of having worked on a LEED certified project prior to the AP

Having a qualified LEED AP

Homes specialist helping to build your dream home is nice, and knowing that

they have earned that credential by proving themselves knowledgeable about

green building gives you much more confidence in that person going forward.
In order for your home to

earn LEED certification, it must earn a certain amount of points on the USGBC’s

checklist. Having a LEED AP Homes building professional at the helm of your

building project will only earn you one point towards certification; however,

utilizing their knowledge, skills, and experience about green building should help

you sail through the LEED program with points to spare. More importantly, it

will assure you a home that is more friendly to the environment, your budget,

and your health.