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EverClean Flexible Duct

EverClean Flexible Duct

Despite common misconception,

one of the biggest expenses on your power bill is actually your HVAC system.

The solution? More efficient ducts.

South Carolina-based Thermaflex

has developed the EverClean

Premium Flexible Duct, a highly efficient residential flexible duct system. The

EverClean ducts are GreenGuard-certified and designed to prevent mold and

mildew growth—one of the biggest problems in older ducts.

These ducts have a layer of

insulation packed between their core and outer shield, which helps to reduce

condensation. This reduction in moisture around the ductwork prevents mold and

mildew. While this is a benefit to the indoor air quality of your home, it’s

also a tremendous advantage for allergy sufferers and the health of every

resident inside.

EverClean ducts are made of

fiberglass, a noise-inhibitor, making the EverClean a quieter system. This

allows the homeowner more peace and quiet over traditional ducts. Another

benefit is that it’s fire-resistant and flame-retardant. Amazingly enough,

should the ducts ever catch fire, they are actually self-extinguishing, helping

to make your home even safer.

Because of these great

properties, the EverClean is an excellent choice for new residential

construction projects, especially those aiming for LEED certification.

Additional credits can be sought from the use of EverClean ducts because of

their contribution to good indoor air quality, use of low VOC-emitting

materials, innovative design and Energy Star certification.

Thermaflex also offers a

lifetime warranty for their products to the original homeowner for however long

they own the home.