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New Eco-Bricks: Clay vs. Poo

New Eco-Bricks: Clay vs. Poo


it’s official: the construction industry has gone to poop. Well, cow

dung, to be more exact. Students at the Prasetiya Mulya Business School

in Indonesia won Berkeley’s Global Social Venture Competition at the

University of California with their discovery and invention of

utilizing cow dung instead of clay to make bricks.

idea came from the business school students as a way to innovate

building materials in their country, where clay for brick-making is

fairly scarce, yet cow droppings run aplenty.

dung is not only used to make the building materials, it is also used

in the firing of the bricks. The poo blocks are called EcoFaeBrick -

eco because they are environmentally friendly and fae because they use

“faeces.” By making bricks out of cow poop we save the earth from the

damage caused by mining clay out of the ground and we save trees by

using the dung’s methane gas to fire the bricks instead of firewood.

how do the poop packages stack up to clay cubes? The EcoFaeBrick is

actually 20 percent lighter in weight than clay brick, making it easier

to transport, easier to handle, and surprisingly stronger than

traditional bricks.
The eco-friendly bricks

are a bit cheaper to produce than clay bricks, but consumers will find

that they cost about the same in the building supplies marketplace.

EcoFaeBrick also helps to alleviate other woes in the world. Not only

are they a friendlier product to manufacture and use, when compared to

clay brick, they are also a means by which farmers can make a little

extra income. The bricks, naturally, rely on cattle farmers to collect

and sell their dung to the brick producers. A little extra green in

their pockets could go a long way to helping farmers keep afloat in

this era where many farmers are desperate to make ends meet.

by collecting and selling the dung so that it can be made into other

products, farmers are also reducing the pollution caused by the release

of methane into the atmosphere by allowing the dung to lay in the

fields and get heated up by the sun.

getting too graphic here (I like to keep it family friendly), just

think about it, you could, literally live in a s**thouse - and not

because you’re in trouble, just because you care about the environment.