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Soy-crete Concrete Stainer

Ecoprocote was founded with the mission to adhere to green building

standards. The company has grown to become a leading

manufacturer of high-performance eco alternatives for traditionally high-VOC

products, all without sacrificing product quality. Another facet of the

company’s mission is to be truly green through and through rather than simply


The Soy-Crete line is an advanced concrete stainer comprised of

recycled and low-VOC materials. It also has

double the spread rate of comparable products (400-600 square feet per gallon). Soy-Crete is ideal for any porous surface (interior or exterior),

including adobe, stucco, cement, rammed earth and fiber cement. Soy-Crete comes in a variety of pre-mixed tints. A tint base is also

available for use with job-site pre-measured color packets. Soy-Crete colors

are vivid and range from bright primary colors to more neutral tones. Soy-Crete does not produce paint-like solid colors, as it is a stain

and material color will affect the shade of the applied product.

Soy-Crete Product Features


Low-VOC, green


Interior or

exterior applications

Spread rate of

400-600 square feet per gallon. Nearly double

that of comparable products.

Wide variety of

uses, from art and decoration to walkways and concrete floors


Color Packets for on-site customizable tinting



Sample sizes

available for testing


friendly manufacturing, including recycled content