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UltraTouch Insulation

UltraTouch Insulation

With UltraTouch

insulation, the “Fabric of our Lives” is transformed into the fabric of our walls. Natural fiber cotton insulation contains no irritants, no VOCs, and needs no warning labels.
What makes cotton a beautiful insulator? Innate thermal performance and superior sound absorption. The UltraTouch version from

Bonded Logic

ranks at the top of its class for fire, fungi and corrosion resistance. Every fiber is coated with a boron-based fire retardant.
UltraTouch is soft, durable, and made from 85 percent post-industrial fibers (primarily denim and cotton). The harsh dust and particulates inherent in fiberglass insulation are nonexistent in UltraTouch, which passes even the strictest codes for indoor air quality. Using rapidly renewable insulation also contributes to LEED certification and is eligible for a 30 percent federal tax credit of up to $1500.
Batt insulation isn’t UltraTouch’s only manifestation. For blown-in applications, try

UltraTouch Nature Blend Cellulose, a loose-fill insulation made from recycled paper. Also available is UltraTouch Natural Cotton Radiant Barrier Thermal/Acoustic Insulation

. This can be used in cars, trucks, buses, aircraft, boats, RVs, residential and commercial buildings. It’s formaldehyde-free, resin-free, non-itch and easy to install. Primary applications include: radiant flooring (underside of floor joists), attics, attics (underside of rafters) and behind hot water radiators.